Born out of an interdisciplinary passion for design and food, Mogogo is an international brand that manufactures modular furniture solutions and banqueting equipment for the hospitality industry.

Led by a team of designers and chefs, Mogogo creates versatile hospitality solutions, which can be adapted to suit any size of event or restaurant requirement. At the heart of its philosophy is the quest to create new, diverse and functional products that also channel the brand’s environmentally friendly ethos.

Striving to reach a precise balance between style, functionality and durability, Mogogo’s flagship collection, the Modular System offers flexibility in use and can be used across any number of restaurant and catering settings. The same components can be used in numerous ways to create bespoke product configurations and can create an edgy and contemporary look that will stand out in any venue.

Comprising two variations, the Classic and Creative modular banqueting stations feature a number of highly customizable attributes and encompass a number of complementary accessories. Whilst the Classic range is characterized by a sleek and linear design for both traditional and contemporary environments, the Creative collection comes with a curved design concept and is based on Mogogo’s vast experience in catering for mass food service operations.