Black Out – Scapegrace Black Gin launches in the UK

Scapegrace Black, a naturally black gin from New Zealand, is being launched in the UK, joining Scapegrace Classic and Gold in the portfolio distributed by Hi-Spirits.

The latest spirit uses a unique assortment of natural extracts to achieve its deep-black colour, which changes to shades of red and purple when mixed with tonic.

The natural botanicals include arena berry, as well as saffron, pineapple, butterfly pea and sweet potato.

Each of the extracts is distilled at precise temperatures in a defined sequence in order to achieve the unique colour.

On the palate, the gin is full-bodied with a menthol-like crispness. The finish is long-serving, with naturally candied, tropical yet earthy flavours.

Hi-Spirits is focusing on premium bars as the core market for Scapegrace Black, with its visual appeal and distinctive flavour bringing a new dimension to cocktails and mixed drinks.

“We’re delighted to bring Scapegrace Black to the UK after a successful launch in New Zealand last year,” comments Poppy Croft, Hi-Spirits’ Marketing Manager.

“Scapegrace has always challenged perceptions of gin, and our latest spirit offers gin-lovers something different on the back of the bar.”

To create the signature serve, add 45ml of Scapegrace Black gin to an ice-filled glass, mix in Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic and garnish with two slices of a Granny Smith apple.