Independent distillery East London Liquor Co. has revealed a brand refresh across its portfolio of award-winning spirits. 

The rebrand, produced in collaboration with Ragged Edge, seeks to question the concept of ‘craft’ spirits and refocus consumers’ attention to the liquid inside the bottles.

Reflecting the brand’s ethos, the new minimal and stripped-back bottle design champions simplicity and quality. 

Founded in 2014 by Alex Wolpert, having initially launched the brand in response to the rise of expensive craft spirits, East London Liquor Co. is driven by Wolpert’s passion to create affordable excellence but without the vanity pricing and packaging.

“Since day one, ELLCo. has delivered great booze for great people at great prices,” Wolpert comments. “That’s what we do – but it’s time to call out those who are using this ‘craft’ term to overcharge for our beloved national drink.”

Alongside the rebrand, the distillery has launched a new East London Rum. The new addition is a 40% ABV white rum blended from three of Jamaica’s most iconic rum distilleries; an 80/20 blend of medium to high ester rums.

“We’ve been hearing from bartenders for years that they were wanting a more premium rum offering for the speed rail,” explains Wolpert. “We’re excited to offer them this amazing East London Rum, full of funk, and equally delicious in a daiquiri or with cola.”