Fettercairn Distillery has launched its first collection of small batch single malt whiskies.

The Warehouse Collection pays homage to the places where Fettercairn comes of age, the 14 dunnage warehouses which boast incredible scarce treasures in the form of maturing stock.

Bottled at a higher strength of 49.7% ABV to preserve the distillery character, Fettercairn Warehouse 2 Batch No.001 has been crafted using hand-selected first fill American and European oak casks; filled with spirit that flowed from the Fettercairn stills in 2010 and has since been maturing in Fettercairn Warehouse 2. The casks each impart their own influence on the spirit and include unseasoned casks and sherry seasoned butts from Vasyma, sherry barrels from Tevasa, ex-bourbon barrels and port pipes.

Celebrating the distillery’s tropical style achieved from the distinctive copper cooling ring distillation process, Warehouse 2 Batch No. 001 features melon, pear and honey with vanilla and ginger, as well as creamy coffee, grapefruit, spiced apple and cinnamon.

“For some time, I’ve wanted to share the secrets and treasures which lie within our unique dunnage warehouses at Fettercairn,” says Gregg Glass, Whisky Maker. “We’ve had the opportunity to create something quite special with this new collection that celebrates the treasure trove of beautiful casks we have at Fettercairn.”

The first batch will initially debut in the UK before launching the collection in other key markets including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France during March. The Collection’s second release will be available later in 2021.

Glass adds: “The collection means we can also continue to build on the long history of experimentation and exploration at Fettercairn, which sits firmly at the heart of the series, whilst also starting to reveal what might come next from the distillery.”