Fine Dining & Living joins forces with Mikasa Hospitality to enhance the US Market

Fine Dining & Living NV has joined forces with Mikasa Hospitality to bring a new level of excellence to the American hospitality market.

With FD&L’s portfolio of renowned brands – F2D, CHIC, and WOOD&FOOD – the new partnership aims to offer innovative and inspiring products to customers across the United States.

With a robust national sales network and a commitment to investing in their structure, personnel and product range, Mikasa Hospitality is well-positioned to become a leading player in the hospitality industry. By collaborating with Fine Dining & Living, they aim to broaden their product range further and deliver a comprehensive solution for their customers.

The partnership is an opportunity to infuse the US hospitality market with an extra dash of vibrancy and creativity. Known for their innovation and inspirational design, Fine Dining & Living’s brands complement Mikasa Hospitality’s vision of offering exceptional products to their customers. By bringing together their expertise, resources and passion for excellence, the collaboration will elevate the standards of the American hospitality industry.

As Mikasa Hospitality strengthens its position in the market, their collaboration with Fine Dining & Living signifies their dedication to delivering unparalleled value to their customers. By embracing innovation and inspiration through the incorporation of F2D’s brands, Mikasa Hospitality will set new benchmarks in the industry, establishing themselves as a premier provider of cutting-edge solutions for the US hospitality market.

The cooperation between Fine Dining & Living NV and Mikasa Hospitality marks an exciting chapter in the US hospitality industry. With a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, this partnership will not only enrich the offerings available to customers but also drive the overall growth and development of the sector. Through their combined strengths and the introduction of innovative products, Fine Dining & Living and Mikasa Hospitality are poised to leave a lasting impression on the American market, setting a new standard for fine dining and living experiences.