Front of the House introduces Artefact Indigo collection

Front of the House has launched its new Artefact Indigo porcelain collection.

A blend of blues, this rustic yet sophisticated collection has been mindfully designed to ignite a sense of warmth and serenity. Reaching the striking and vibrant hue along with its smooth but rich texture requires a unique process of kiln-firing the brand’s proprietary porcelain glaze, resulting in the harmony of Indigo.

The collection brings to life Artefact’s organic, hand-thrown, pottery-like shape while maintaining the durability and strength that only commercial grade porcelain provides.

Like the rest of the Artefact collection, Indigo was created with a coloured-body porcelain and reactive glaze, whose combination results in a wide variation of the colour blue, making sure that no two pieces are alike.

Indigo’s colour inspiration is reflected in its approachable and relaxed feel without the associated cost. Indigo’s look is purposely worn and distressed blending into the already stocked colours ‘Ash’ and ‘Bright White’.

Front of the House is a sought-after global manufacturer in commercial-grade tabletop solutions. Designed in Miami and shipped worldwide, Front of the House creates distinctive dinnerware collections, trend-forward solution-based buffet essentials, and more that complement all segments in the foodservice industry to enhance every chef’s culinary plating vision.