Jade Mountain, St Lucia, has launched an exclusive, locally crafted beer menu with seasonal ales brewed with their new micro-brewery at Emerald Estate, the resort’s organic farm.

Working together with Antillia Brewing Company, the award-winning craft brewery in St Lucia renowned for discovering unique fruits and flavours with a tantalising Caribbean twist, Jade Mountain is expanding on its beer offerings soon to be available at Jade Mountain’s bars and restaurants.

Specialising in brewing with fresh and local ingredients, Antillia and Emerald Estate will work together to produce beers that are natural and chemical free. All beer is brewed using pure volcanic spring water from the natural springs at the Emerald Estate to ensure the most natural and organic brewed beer possible.

Whilst two brews are already available to guests touring the farm – a Soursop Ale and Spiced Stout brew – Jade Mountain and Antillia are currently working on projects for new beers.

The first project will be to substitute locally grown cassava for the imported malt typically used in beer, which will enable Emerald Estate to grow and harvest all of the produce needed for brewing from their very own farm. This would make their brew one of a select few “Estate Beers” in the world and the Caribbean’s first fully local beer.

The second project will be a never-before attempted ale brewed with raw, unfermented cacao. During the harvesting of cacao beans, the sweet white pulp from the beans holds a delicious, rich juice currently only used to make vinegar (or if you are in South America, a liquor). Jade Mountain and Antillia aim to incorporate the juice into the beer – a feat never to have been achieved before.