Julius Meinl Coffee announces collaboration with pastry chef Antonio Bachour

Premium Vienna coffee roaster Julius Meinl has appointed pastry chef and author Antonio Bachour as its Global Brand Ambassador.

The partnership is driven by the shared values between Julius Meinl and Antonio Bachour, including a deep passion for exceptional taste, a common vision to create meaningful moments in people’s lives, and a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Renowned for his hyper-creative desserts, Antonio Bachour has won numerous awards, has been named one of the best pastry chefs in the United States, and has received the Best Pastry Chef in the World Award from the Best Chefs Foundation.

“I have chosen this coffee brand because Julius Meinl embodies tradition, elegance and a long-standing culture with social and environmental responsibility,” comments Antonio Bachour, who speaks with excitement about becoming an ambassador for one of the oldest coffee roasters in the world. “It’s a trusted brand with a strong reputation that shares the same values as me, one of the most important being the contentment of offering people moments of pure enjoyment and happiness through our food and drinks. To stand here as an ambassador is an absolute pleasure.”

Bachour, who has been serving Julius Meinl coffee in his award-winning pastry shop in Miami, has chosen to introduce an Original Bio & Fairtrade certified Coffee Blend this autumn, which he highly appreciates: “Meinl’s ‘The Originals Blend Gloriette Gold’ embodies the perfect harmony of exceptional aromas and premium quality, and will pair exceptionally well with my desserts.”

As part of his collaboration with the Vienna Coffeehouse Brand, Antonio will showcase the exceptional synergies by promoting the partnership in relevant channels, developing special projects and bespoke creations, as well as attending key events, including Host Milano.

Commenting on this collaboration, Razvan Talpau, Managing Director at Julius Meinl North America, says: “We are extremely honoured to partner with Antonio Bachour and be part of the unwavering pursuit of excellence and extraordinary creativity that delight the most discerning tastes. By combining our expertise and passion for coffee with Antonio’s innovative approach to flavours, we can offer a truly exceptional experience to our customers. The fact that we stand in a position to be able to collaborate with someone who shares and recognises all that Julius Meinl stands for is truly humbling.”