Suffolk-based L.A Brewery have unveiled a refreshing non-alcoholic Sparkling English Rose that pays tribute to natural wildflower champagne.

Inspired by summer’s fresh flowers, the effervescent champagne alternative is brewed with a blend of Assam and White Monkey teas and infused with organic rose petals from Devon. 

L.A Brewery kombucha is brewed and bottled in its microbrewery in Suffolk by combining sweetened tea with a culture of friendly bacteria. Requiring a meticulous fermentation process, founder Louise Avery’s home brewed ethos is at the heart of the drink business. 

The crisp complexity of the blend is balanced by a fresh, zesty acidity and floral notes giving it a dry finish, making it a light and refreshing drink reminiscent of wildflower champagne. 

Louise Avery, founder of L.A Brewery comments: “I am incredibly proud of our newest creation. My goal was to develop a complex yet refreshing liquid that can be enjoyed when marking the end of the working day and celebrating the beginning of downtime. The Sparkling English Rose is best enjoyed chilled as a perfect aperitif or celebratory drink, delivering all the experience without the alcohol.”

L.A Brewery Sparkling Rose has already been shortlisted for the Great British Food Awards 2020 in the non-alcoholic spirits, beers and wine category and offers consumers an alternative to alcohol in the form of a low-sugar, health tonic rich is friendly bacteria.