Libbey Holland has come together with Rebottled, a circular start-up that creates sustainable glassware, to collaborate on an exciting new product based on recycling used wine bottles.

Libbey Holland, part of the Libbey group and one of the largest glassware tableware manufacturers in the world, has been in talks with Rebottled since 2019, exploring the possibilities for a sustainable glassware range.

“Libbey is thrilled to be a part of this social enterprise,” says Antoine Jordans, Vice President and General Manager of Libbey EMEA. “Rebottled is making products from used wine bottles and Libbey supports and contributes to these efforts by providing technical assistance and know-how, to crack off the used and pre-cleaned wine bottles and to convert them into drinking glasses.”

Founded in 2016 by Jermain van der Graaf during his time as an economics student, Rebottled was inspired by the realisation that Dutch shoppers pay a deposit on empty beer bottles, while wine bottles are for single use only.

“By upcycling bottles into glassware we cut the environmental impact drastically. The design of our product speaks for itself and combines circularity with high design like no other product,” notes Graaf. “The possibilities are endless if you combine it with different bottles, sustainable prints and coatings. Libbey’s international network across Europe provides us with the opportunity to tell this circular story at every table.”

Proving that providing great, on-trend products that elevate the dining experience, doesn’t have to be at the expense of the environment or consumers, Libbey continues to transform its business practices in a sustainable way, while also helping to breathe new life into products once thought to be merely waste.

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