Continuing the streamlined simplicity of the Afteroom collection, the dining chair plus designed by Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei blends both innovative and minimalist design.

The Afteroom collection is defined by a less is more aesthetic that profiles honest materials on elegant furniture with lasting appeal. The new plywood design is made from sheets of oak veneer that have been glued in layers with grains running in opposite directions.

Functionalism in its most simplest form, the incredibly strong, gently curved chair comes in natural, stained or black oak, each profiling the natural beauty of the wood grain and appealing warmth of the design.

The addition of textile upholstery further enhances the level of comfort and the soft, delicate silhouette makes it easily adapt to a range of spaces.

“Afteroom is an advocate of the traces of time. The collection shares the spirit of this thought to result in designs that people will not tire of and will want to keep for generations to come,” comments Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei. “We hope our designs will be used as practical, elegant objects that are graceful accompaniments to life.”