New tableware brand, Monoware, has launched its first collection of matt-glazed stoneware.

Designed in collaboration with British ceramic designer Ian McIntryre and a family-run ceramic factory based outside Porto in Portugal, the collection has been created to bring beautiful and durable designs to the tabletop.

Led by a belief that informal dining doesn’t have to equate to a lack of refinement in the tableware category, the brand wanted to create a collection that challenged the culture of fleeting trends and disposable design. 

“All meals are an event whether enjoyed alone or in the company, and tableware should help inspire meal-making and effortlessly enhance the experience of coming together to share food,” says Daniel Baer, Founder of Monoware. 

Defined by simple, elegant forms, a natural colour palette and effortless adaptability, the collection includes a dinner plate, side plates, cereal bowl, grain bowl, serving platter, pitcher and mug. Available in three core colours: chalk, slate and pebble, the neutral tones blend with ease, making it possible to layer individual pieces to create an ever-evolving tablescape. 

The serving platter and pitcher are also produced in a special edition black glaze called onyx, making it an ideal addition to sit alongside other items such as the four-piece Dinner Set. 

Produced combining age-old modelling techniques with modern technology including a single firing system heated up to 1180°C, making the stoneware exceptionally strong and durable, Monoware’s products are, above all else, designed to last. 

“We’ve interrogated form, colour and shape to make pieces with optional function,” adds Baer. “Whether it’s the curve on a coffee cup that moulds it to the hands or the perfect pour on a water jug, we’ve considered every design detail in our tableware collection, so that you don’t have to.”

Monoware will further its ambitions to furnish and inspire elegant informality around the table with new product ranges set to be launched in 2021.