London start-up Illogical Drinks has released a low-alcohol botanical drink called Mary.

The new blend aims to tap into the growing number of health-minded consumers who are looking to reduce their alcohol intake.

Created with 6% ABV, the drink has nine calories per 25ml serve and is sugar-free.

The drinks fresh, dry taste is derived from ‘sustainably sourced’ plants, including basil, thyme, sage and angelica roots, and is best served with tonic.

A low-alcohol alternative to gin, the blend boasts bright, zesty herbal flavours and a touch of fresh citrus.

“The rise of low & no alcohol drink is revolutionising the adult premium beverage space: With alcohol free beers and spirits consumers have come to realise that they have more options than drinking alcohol at intoxicating levels or soft drinks,” comments Eric Sampers, Managing Director of Illogical Drinks and former Pernod Ricard Beefeater Gin Brand Director.

He adds: “Low alcohol offers even more exciting possibilities for those who want to enjoy the sophisticated taste of alcohol but want none of the negative effects, it gives them the ability to live more flexible lifestyles without sacrifices.”