Revol debuts YLI collection by Ferréol Babin

Revol has launched Yli, a collection that brings together craftmanship and tableware. Organic, primitive and sensual, the Yli collection designed by Ferréol Babin, has broken free of tableware norms to question our relationship to the material and in doing so, to fully awaken our senses.

The furrows, grooves and other subtle roughness or willed imbalances are testimonies to the material’s nature – one that is very much alive.

These pieces require an artisan’s skill and a long, slow, patient, meticulous working process. In its black, unglazed version, Yli almost resembles forged iron, inviting one to look beyond appearances to question the origins of things – just as the designer intended.

Its vocation is to offer new and more respectful perspectives on dishes in all their liveliness. Sculptural yet minimal in both its shapes and its finishes, it takes a step back to allow the ingredients and the Chef to fully express themselves.

Revol has been a leading manufacturer of professional tabletop and buffetware solutions since 1768. Based in the South of France, the nine-generation family business challenges trends and day-to-day foodservice industry with innovative, designed, sustainable and high-performance porcelain collections dedicated to chefs and food service professional.

Image credit: Studio Saison