Richard Ginori has announced it will operate under the new name and brand identity, Ginori 1735.

Supported by a refreshed visual presentation, the new signature embodies the bold combination of heritage and innovation, presented in elegant, sinuous, confident hand-crafted lettering. The logo as of today remains: a recognisable, sparkling hallmark that authenticates and guarantees every piece of Ginori porcelain. The brand identity supports the transition to a global lifestyle design brand, specialising in the highest quality, artisanal porcelain tableware and homewares.

“Today, we are returning to our roots, changing our name, and investing in our legacy of bringing a deep sense of place, a graceful manner, and an effervescent spirit to all who embrace our mission,” comments Chairman and CEO Alain Prost. “Richard Ginori is now, and once again, Ginori 1735.”

Ginori 1735 is designed both to celebrate the deep heritage of the company and signify a renewed attention to the evolving tastes and lifestyle of the next generation of luxury consumers.