Premium mixer brand Sekforde has revealed a brand refresh with a label redesign across its portfolio of four mixers.

The rebrand seeks to drive and reinforce the brand’s goal to unlock the potential of specific spirits with bespoke and uniquely crafted mixers.

Maintaining the brand’s sleek, minimal and colourful look, the new bottle design heroes the unique flavours and recommended spirit pairings for each mixer.

Founded in 2017 by Talula White, having initially launched the brand from her kitchen on Sekforde Street in London, Sekforde is driven by White’s passion for spirits and vision to change and elevate the way consumers enjoy them.

The range includes four mixers that pair with whisky or bourbon, rum, gin or vodka and tequila or mezcal. Each one has been crafted with delicate flavours that complement instead of overpower the spirit and are low in sugar and 100% natural.

“It is an exciting time for the mixer category,” White comments. “Sekforde mixers, particularly with our rebrand, is well positioned as trends continue to gather pace and consumers look for great quality mixing alternatives.”