Spotlight: Cocoon by Stölzle Lausitz

With a rich heritage dating back over 134 years, Stölzle Lausitz has been a constant pioneer in the art of glassmaking, creating crystalline glassware that seamlessly merges timeless grace with modern allure.

Located in the picturesque region of Lausitz in Germany, the company’s dedicated glassmakers combine traditional techniques with cutting-edge machinery to meticulously craft each piece, ensuring exceptional quality, durability and attention to detail. From crystal-clear wine glasses to sleek tumblers, from delicate champagne flutes to robust decanters, its diverse range of products caters to every occasion and personal style.

Stölzle Lausitz strives to create glassware that enhances the sensory experience, elevating the flavours and aromas of beverages. Whether it’s the finest wine, a meticulously mixed cocktail, or a simple glass of water, its glasses are thoughtfully designed to enhance the experience and create lasting memories.

Nowhere is this approach clearer than in the company’s Cocoon Series, a collection that seamlessly blends contemporary form and design with uncompromising quality, redefining the art of savouring wine through glassware.

Until now, such complex designs meeting all requirements were exclusive to handcrafted wine glasses. However last year, they combined their expertise with the desires of sommeliers, winemakers and enthusiasts alike, to develop glasses rivalling mouth-blown pieces in terms of design, lightness and elegance.

The Cocoon Series encapsulates this innovation, offering meticulously tailored glassware for Burgundy, Bordeaux, Red Wine, White Wine and Champagne, along with modern wine or drink tumblers for casual elegance.

At the core of these glasses lie two cocoon-inspired sections:

The lower Cocoon, the powerbox, features a basin gracefully concluding in an angular wall with a delicate overhang. Swirling wine becomes an art form, where the liquid elegantly strikes the edge and gracefully dances back into the glass. This captivating wine “tumbling” enhances aeration, unlocking the wine’s full complexity and its unique bouquet of aromas. The longer you leave your wine in the Cocoon, the more its flavour undergoes a metamorphosis.

Above, the upper Cocoon concentrates these aromas into a symphony of scents that linger with every swirl, ensuring that each sip is an experience to be cherished until the last drop. Precision defines the glass’s opening, ensuring every taste bud is engaged as the wine touches the tongue.

Beyond functionality, the Cocoon Series showcases a contemporary and distinctive design that distinguishes itself from conventional wine glasses. Remarkably lightweight, the glass boasts a thin stem and walls, highlighting the finesse and innovation poured into its creation.

The Cocoon Series is an invitation to embark on a journey where design, craftsmanship, and wine converge in perfect harmony.