Front of The House

Spotlight: Front of The House

Miami-based studio Front of The House has been designing and manufacturing impactful and stylish collections for the global hospitality sector since 2002.

The brand’s diverse range of trend-forward product lines spans everything from dinnerware and tableware to buffet essentials and other tabletop solutions, and the company has a strong history of pushing the boundaries when it comes to playing with colour pairings, unique textures and bold shapes. The result is a multi-sensory product line that is able to cater to the individual needs of both chefs and restaurants.

The latest iteration of this philosophy is Artefact Indigo, a natural and organic-looking series of dinnerware that beautifully combines the hand-thrown feel of one-of-a-kind pottery with the strength and durability of commercial-grade porcelain. Created by incorporating the art of slow kiln-firing with the beauty of a reactive porcelain glaze, the collection’s individual pieces all differ slightly, with subtle glaze variations meaning no two objects in the series are identical. Artefact Indigo’s soft, blue-hued finish is the ideal counterpoint to the raw corners and organic details that add intrigue to each piece.

The collection spans round and oval plates of various sizes, as well as bowls, ramekins, saucers, mugs and pourers. There’s even a salt and pepper shaker, making it easy to incorporate a touch of the blues to any tabletop.