Spotlight: Joy by Concha y Toro UK

Concha y Toro UK has debuted Joy, a new wine brand targeted at young adults who are unfamiliar with the category.

Seeking to redefine wine, the brand’s four core variations – Fruity Rosé, Bright White, Juicy Red and Orange Spritz – offer a “vibrant and sassy” alternative to traditional grape-focused offerings.

The wines range from 8-12% ABV and eschew listing grape varieties in favour of tasting notes:

Bright White: A sweet and flowery white wine with hints of peach and citrus.
Fruity Rosé: A light, slightly sweet rosé with notes of strawberries, raspberries and citrus.
Juicy Red: A brilliant red, with sweetness from juicy cherries, hint of violets and a splash of strawberry notes.
Orange Spritz: A zesty, bubbly white wine-based drink with hints of tangy marmalade.

The brand is also encouraging consumers to experiment using the drinks in cocktails.

Joy aims to build a loyal following by adopting a strong social media marketing strategy based on “vibrant, sassy content” that focuses on  sharing moments such as travel, music, food, dating and entertainment.

Established in 2001, Concha y Toro UK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Concha y Toro, Latin America’s biggest wine company, and one of the world’s leading wine producers.