Spotlight: Mayenda Tequila Blanco

Crafted by Maestro Tequilero Jesus Susunaga and his team at Casa San Nicolás in Jalisco, Mexico, Mayenda Tequila Blanco is a rich, complex sipping tequila made using a pioneering production process that adds two extra steps of craft and care to extract flavours from the heart of the Agave.

Each bottle of the small-batch tequila is produced with the aim of capturing the aromatic, caramelised Agave notes that are typically lost in the process. The result is a unique, Agave-forward sipping experience with new and unexplored flavours from the succulents.

The spirit offers aromas of honey, cinnamon and orange blossom, followed by caramelised Agave on the palate, with hints of citrus, honey and spices at the finish. Mayenda Tequila Blanco is best enjoyed as a neat serve at room temperature.