Bonna Sahara collection

Spotlight: Sahara by Bonna

Premium tableware manufacturer Bonna is channelling the textures and patterns of the desert with its Sahara collection.

The company has unveiled the range as part of its Bonna Premium Vitrified line, which focuses on durability by using dense and high-quality clay specifically designed to provide an extended and sustainable product lifespan compared with ceramics.

Comprising a wide range of plates and bowls, the Sahara collection draws on the contours and forms of the largest desert in the world for an organic form that references the ever-shifting sands of the landscape. Its sandy colourway recalls the soft hues of the dunes, bringing a laidback warmth to culinary presentations.

Sahara’s texture echoes the sensations of ceramics, making it ideal for use in boutique and fine dining restaurants, and the collection’s considered approach to energy consumption and carbon emissions make it a visually, functionally, and environmentally satisfying experience.

Bonna Premium Vitrified elevates culinary creations by offering durable, handcrafted and sustainable dinnerware solutions that blend form and function. The pieces in the range are designed to enjoy a longer lifespan than stoneware, thanks to an improved product recipe and higher firing temperature.