Spotlight: The Stölzle Lausitz Highlight Collection

With a history dating back to 1889, Stölzle Lausitz is one of the leading glass producers of high-quality lead-free crystal. Every year the company exports around 40 million drinking glasses, with over 400 employees producing, decorating and packing a range of stem glasses, tumblers, decanters and carafes.

Known for its innovative approach to glassmaking, the company is one of the few glass manufacturers who have mastered the manufacturing process to produce a one-piece stem and bowl. The result is machine-made glasses with the features of mouth-blown glassware. Not only does process help to discard the unsightly joint lines but it ensures the production of a stronger, more durable glass.

Continuing to push the boundaries of form and function, some of the brand’s more recent collections, including the Highlight series, enhance the glassmaker’s longstanding reputation for optimum performance and timeless style.

The range features a new concept installed in the base, which illuminates the stem to create a particularly atmospheric lighting effect when the glass is lifted.

Champagne in particular comes into its own in the glasses. The illuminated rising bubbles, which are specifically stimulated by the sparkling point in the champagne bowl’s base make for an eye-catching display and the silver-coloured layer on the foot further increases the reflection.

The straight-line design of the Highlight glasses offers universal application possibilities and can be easily combined with other glass series. The high stem, the seamless transition to the goblet and the slim shape of the goblet ensure that the glasses have an elegant appearance, even without the lighting effect.

The technology in the glass base is hermetically sealed so that the glasses can be cleaned with common detergents and in the dishwasher. The built-in LED offers approximately 8,000 light cycles of 15 seconds each.