Steelite International launches new colourway to celebrate anniversary of its Craft range

Tableware and buffet manufacturer Steelite International has launched a contemporary new glaze, as they continue to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their popular Craft range.

The new Craft Apple collection brings a bright, energetic and fresh hue, which adds a contemporary tone to the growing Craft offer.

The new colourway has been designed to complement other shades within the portfolio, particularly Craft Raspberry, which offers a natural and exciting counterpoint.

The range includes plates, bowls, and beverage items in nine different colours, providing chefs with the opportunity to create stand-out tabletop presentations that work across many dining environments.

“The growth of interest in vegan, plant-based and health-conscious menus provided an opportunity to showcase these menus differently,” comments Andrew Klimecki, VP Design, Steelite International, comments.

Adding: “The Apple colourway promotes the feeling of wholesome wellbeing, amplifying the perceived beneficial effects of healthy eating. The overall impression is one of warmth and familiarity with the zing of Spring.”

In 2020 Steelite marked Craft’s ten-year milestone with the launch of Craft Raspberry and a celebratory report called, ‘The tableware that changed the hospitality industry’.

The brochure looked back at the history and importance of the Craft movement within the hospitality industry, with an interview with Andrew Klimecki.

Commenting on the milestone Klimecki adds: “With Craft, Steelite demonstrated to the industry that a range doesn’t have to be white to show that the food is serious. Craft showed that plating food on the right colours and textures can enhance what the chef is trying to achieve.”