Purpose led drinks firm Ten Locks has added Mary White Vodka to its portfolio, which is now available to the UK drinks trade for the first time.

Mary White Vodka (40% ABV) is the very first vodka to be born from Belgium and celebrates the pioneering legacy of Mary White – the uncrowned queen of New York bootleggers – who turned the male-dominated world of alcohol production in the Prohibition era on its head.

Using a distillate from malt, macerated in tailor-made pure grain alcohol from rye and corn, the 100% pure single expression is refined and well balanced with cereal-like notes of bread dough and a touch of lemon spice.

A distinct style of vodka, the malt distillate works in harmony with its citrusy flavour to create a versatile earthiness suited to both classic martinis and experimental cocktails.

Packaged in a deluxe and foliated marble motif bottle to showcase the vodka’s unison of tradition and refinement and reflect the pristine quality and typical character of the liquid inside, Mary White is a striking and luxurious addition to backbars and spirits aisles.

“We predict next year to be quite defining for vodka, and very much expect it to bite back at gin, as consumers branch out into other white spirits,” says Becky Davies, Head of Commercial at Ten Locks. “Mary White is positioned to be a driving force of this momentum and open up the category to even more consumers. The brand has successfully united tradition and modernity in one beautiful, luxury expression that is truly innovative.”

Mary White Vodka joins Nusa Caña, Applewood Gin, West Cork Irish Whiskey, Salford Rum, Diablesse Rum, Banhez Mezcal and El Tequileño in Ten Locks’ portfolio of purpose-led, progressive brands.