Internationally renowned manufacturer of buffetware, Tiger, has expanded its portfolio with a new display cabinet, ‘The Natural’.

Designed to resemble a fruit box, the team at Tiger have worked to give the latest addition an organic and natural look and feel.

Available in two sizes and compatible with any standard Gastronorm pans – versatile food storage systems for catering and commercial kitchens – the new buffet solution features a leg design that enables a range of stacking options to create multiple levels of display and each level can also be covered with a new acrylic dome – something that has not been achieved before. The new dome is clear and supported by a strong hinge system for greater safety.

The new buffet display can be used for pastry and bread displays, as well as chilled meats and cheeses, fresh salad and fruit. It also comes with the option of a single serve induction platform, which gives operators the ability to place multiple single induction ramekins.

As one of the leaders in creating innovative and versatile buffet solutions and multi-purpose catering trolleys, ‘The Natural’ is an elegant addition to any dining setting.