Tine K Home has recently launched its new Open Collection of furniture, fabrics and accessories.

With its offering, the brand seeks to create an open and warm atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of everyday life.

The products vary from some of Tine’s own designs as well as unique finds from various overseas trips, in particular from Vietnam, Morocco and Portugal.

Inspired by history, different cultures, travel and nature, Open Collection 2020 mixes colours and traditional crafts together with a consistent Scandinavian simplicity.

The new range works with materials such as recycled stoneware, FSC certified wood and Oekotex textiles in earth colours that complement the Tine K Home story.

Combining appearance, quality and comfort, natural textures and materials evoke feelings of cohesion and balance.

“It is the contrast between the light and dark colours that creates style and atmosphere,” says Tine Kjeldsen, Co-Founder of Tine K Home. “I love the darker tones you often get from old objects, furniture and rugs from the far East, as well as handcrafted interiors that are rich in history and soul.”