LSA International is launching its first independent pop-up showroom, opening its doors in the Marais on 7 September for Paris Design Week 2023. Entitled Connections, the pop-up will be a space to reflect on connection through various lenses. 

Visitors will be encouraged to consider the importance of connecting ideas and building relationships. The pop-up will explore nature and the way it unites living beings, design as transcendent of physical, social and cultural boundaries, and the sense of community fostered through cooperation in craft. Connections will delve into the role that objects play in connecting us, identifying how these help to create or enhance environments that make people feel content, relaxed and welcomed. 

LSA International Glass Showroom

Connection to place is significant in the new pop-up – not only is the Marais a key fixture of Paris Design Week, it is home to a diverse mix of communities, which reflects LSA’s own values and cultural identity. Seasonal flowers have been sourced from a neighbourhood florist while furniture has been procured from partners in the Paris design community.

After an absence in recent years, this pop-up welcomes LSA International back to Paris, drawing on the collaborative spirit of the creative district.  

From 7 – 11 September, Connections opens its doors to both trade and public audiences.