Alex Kitain, Founder of The Coffeevine and Freshdrip, has announced the launch of a new Virtual Coffee Festival taking place on Sunday 29th March.

Coffee lovers and industry professionals from across the globe are invited to watch the broadcast of the world’s first online coffee event, free of charge.

Designed to create a new virtual meeting place for coffee aficionados, the festival’s main aim is to share knowledge, increase education and enable simultaneous learning.

E-attendees will be able to enjoy an extensive program of talks and workshops by five international industry opinion leaders.

These include: Ronny Billemon, Author of Equilibrium in Water and Coffee; Joe McTaggart, Comandante Grinders; Talor Browne, Founder of Talormade Coffee & Donuts; Matt Winton, Swedish Barista Champion and Swiss Brewers Cup Champion; and Wendelien van Bunnink, Dutch Barista Champion and World Aeropress Champion.

Each speaker will lead a 20-25 minute online session followed by a 20-25 minute Q&A.

Participants are invited to share their thoughts, inspirations and experience using the hashtag #virtualcoffeefestival across social media.

The event comes as a relief to housebound coffee communities around the world for whom coffee festivals are an annual highlight that allow them to build relationships, gain knowledge and share unique moments.

Participants may also make a donation to Doctors Without Borders, a charity which supports medical professionals at the the frontline fighting Covid-19.

“My aim is to send positive vibes to an industry currently in crisis, and give a message of encouragement saying, ‘Yes, we can get through this together,” comments Kitain.

“I would love the Virtual Coffee Festival to become a new recurring event – a great addition to the annual coffee festival calendar.”

The event will be live streamed on video conferencing platforms, Facebook, and Youtube.