Tristan Welch, the Chef Director of Parker’s Tavern at the University Arms Hotel in Cambridge, has launched two weekly events on Instagram, aiming to inspire and educate followers about cooking sustainably during lockdown. 

Taking place on the Parker’s Tavern Instagram page every Thursday evening at 6pm throughout April, the virtual cooking masterclass, #TristansCookAlong, invites followers and those staying home to learn how to make delicious homemade dishes and develop new cooking skills. 

Additionally, every Monday, the chef is offering people the opportunity to quiz him on how to cook more sustainably and reduce waste during lockdown with his #CulinaryClinic. From tips on how to make the most out of kitchen cupboard staples, to advice on transforming one dish into two meals, Tristan will be sharing his expertise and answering a variety of food-related questions. 

A champion of zero-waste cooking, Welch can usually be found serving locally sourced, seasonal food at Parker’s Tavern, a contemporary British brasserie within The University Arms Hotel, where the topic of food waste has been a major focus for the property since its £80 million transformation in 2018. 

Last autumn, the chef launched Rubbish Cooks, a monthly supper club designed to teach both chefs and customers about food waste. Guests can pre-book a one-night-only set menu made from products that would otherwise be thrown away. The unique menu, priced at £20, including a £5 donation to Jimmy’s Night Shelter, a charity that supports Cambridge’s homeless community, features a variety of wholesome plates and showcases the skills of Welch and his talented brigade. 

Join the Parker’s Tavern’ cookalong and culinary clinic here.