Signature Dish: Æbleskiver with applewood smoked trout at Embla

Serving refined Nordic cuisine with a fresh twist in Hong Kong, Embla has reopened its doors this Spring with a series of new spring menus featuring seasonal Nordic-inspired dishes.

Here, Chef Jim Löfdahl sheds some light on one of his signature dishes, “æbleskiver”, a spherically shaped Danish pancake with applewood smoked trout.

What inspired the æbleskiver dish?

When creating new dishes, I’m always looking to my home region Sweden for inspiration. Danish pancake is something that makes sense in terms of the way I cook and at the same time defines the Nordic region at its best. Tasteful both visually and with impressive punchy flavours that will prepared you for a good start of the meal.

What’s in the dish?

Apple smoked trout, locally produced beer, egg white and spelt.

How is the dish made?

We make the batter from the spelt, egg whites and beer. After this we cook the pancake in spherical non-stick pan, filling one side with a mix of the smoked trout. In the mix we add sour cream, mustard, beer and chives. After this we cook it out and add more of the trout mix on top with a slice of trout brushed with more beer and Swedish maple syrup.

Why is this dish one of your favourites?

Well simply because it has all the elements that I’m looking for when creating something new. The distinct Umami punch that hits the palate after this one biter snacks is to me very appealing in all aspects. Also the texture that pops differently in a single bit.

What personal touch did you put on this dish?

Always working on personal touch for all our dishes, for this dish its extra fun since I made a dish that’s normally served as something sweet into I savoury umami bomb.

Where do the ingredients come from?

The Apple smoked trout is from Norway, while the beer is locally brewed and the maple syrup is from Blaxta, Sweden among a few ingredients used.

How do you see this dish evolving with time / the seasons?

Time will tell. I normally create dishes or deciding flavour profile once I’m under pressure, since the seasonal aspect just kicked in for my case, I haven’t really started to think about it.

What’s your favourite thing about this dish?

The distinct Umami flavour.