Costa Nova

Costa Nova spotlights sensory dining with new collections, Resonance and Marrakesh

Portuguese heritage brand Costa Nova is celebrating a love of life, friendship and togetherness this spring, with two new fine stoneware collections designed to push the boundaries of conventional tableware.

The company is making a mark with its brand new Resonance collection, created by the designer Carsten Gollnick with a view to blending stoneware and porcelain combinations to put an innovative twist on the dining experience. With its unique shapes, finishes and materials, the series promises to elevate the plating and food presentation process, as well as pushing the guest experience to new levels of sophistication. “Both materials have their own aesthetic and functional qualities,” says Gollnick of the collection, which ranges from pillow plates to porcelain coffee cups. “Both materials are assigned very different characteristics and attributes. In the design, I therefore tried to reconcile or harmonize the two material qualities of porcelain and ceramics. My wish was to support each of these individual and “personal” qualities of ceramics and porcelain and not to level them or make them the same.”

Meanwhile, the beauty of the Majorelle Gardens provided the inspiration for the brand’s second major series to launch this year. The Marrakesh Collection harmoniously blends sustainable craftsmanship with references to nature’s essence and Moroccan mystique, taking diners on a sensory journey, thanks to distinctive interplay of speckled glazes and sandy, unglazed textures. Its delicate forms come courtesy of the French floral artist Christian Tortu, who designed the collection to echo the vibrancy of Moroccan markets. Crafted from ecogres, an eco-friendly clay made mostly from recycled materials, the range provides an opportunity to make a statement about sustainability, as well as aesthetics.

Costa Nova, which has been producing innovative and sustainable stoneware made from the best natural resources in Portugal since 2005, will be showcasing both new collections later this month in the US, at the 2024 National Restaurant Show in Chicago.

The Costa Nova Industria Group oversees a portfolio of four factories and manages two distinguished brands – Costa Nova and Casafina – in addition to being involved in Private Label, producing tableware for renowned international brands.