Spotlight: Modbar Steam

Modbar is a visionary coffee equipment brand producing undercounter solutions that open up space whilst elevating the customer experience. By offering modular and flexible solutions, Modbar enables its customers to design a suitable workflow and ensure efficiency.

Designed for user convenience, the Modbar Steam module embodies modern design, blending a sleek aesthetic with unparalleled power and control.

Featuring extra dry steam performance, the innovative design eliminates condensation along the steam path, ensuring consistently dry steam for perfect foam. The Pro Touch Wand boasts a cool-touch, double-wall, vacuum-insulated design, ensuring safe handling during operation. Additionally, the Modbar Steam includes a refresh button to prevent scale formation by recirculating water inside the boiler.

This cutting-edge solution offers versatility, performance, and safety, making it ideal for hospitality settings. By combining innovative technology with user-friendly features, the Modbar Steam helps baristas achieve professional-level results, elevating the quality of every cup served.