Dometic announces new energy-efficient minibar series

Swedish mobile solution and refrigerator brand Dometic has launched its HiPro series of energy-efficient minibars.

The new minibar reduces operational expenses for hotel owners by lowering power consumption by 40%, while also improving cooling performance.

The modular HiPro Evolution system offers a number of options: minibars with stainless steel, black mirror glass or transparent doors, a choice of three refrigeration technologies and a connectivity system with smart remote controlled functions.

“In addition to superior performance, the new series has many industry-first designs,” comments Peter Kjellberg, CMO and Head of Other Verticals. “Unique interior illumination is made so that the entire menu in the bar is beautifully presented through the full-glass door, even the minibar door rack, which has been designed to hold champaign bottles.”

Adding: “The guests will see the beautifully curated menu in the minibar when they enter the room. The hotelier can design the in-room bar with their own character and create a new entertainment focal point for their guests.”

Dometic is the first within the sector to introduce a chromate-free absorption inhibitor, which allows minibars to comply with the strictest environmental regulations.

For hoteliers and resorts focused on sustainability, Dometic’s latest series provides an energy-conscious and future-proof option.