Kaliro Spirits has launched 9diDANTE Inferno – Vermouth di Torino Superiore, a red vermouth inspired by the Italian poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri.

Inspired by Dante’s La Divina Comedia and his journey through hell, the vermouth has been created to go beyond the traditional boundaries of Italian Rosso Vermouths.

Blended from equal parts Dolcetto Red and Cortese White Piedmont wines, the vermouth delivers an intense ruby colour and an experience that is highly tannic, bold in flavours and balanced in freshness and acidity.

With hints of red berries, cherry and orange, It’s bold personality provides a rich and full bodied experience with well balanced herbal and citrus notes and a fresh and mildly bitter finish.

Out of the 27 botanical herbs selected, nine were chosen specifically for their historical symbolism. Each of these herbs corresponds to an infernal that gives 9diDANTE its character and taste. Ingredients range from cardamon, bitter orange peel and cumin, to fennel and caraway and basil.

“Located in the heart of Piedmont, Alba was the natural location to bring 9diDANTE to life. With its vermouth tradition, winemaking heritage and access to first-class botanicals, Piedmont is not only a beautiful region of Italy but also a never-ending source of inspiration,” comments Alex Ouziel, Founder of Kaliro Spirits.

Adding: “The recent popularity of gin has allowed us to rediscover the beauty of craftsmanship, botanical herbs and bitter flavours. The cocktail culture, the search for lower- alcoholic drinks and an appetite for a more sophisticated taste has increased consumer interest in the vermouth category that has been slower than others in premiumizing its offering.”

Best enjoyed neat over ice or mixed into cocktails, such as a Negroni, 9diDANTE is distributed in several European countries.