Swedish single malt whisky distillery Mackmyra has revealed Jaktlycka (Happy Hunting) as the latest addition to its growing spirit portfolio. 

The limited single malt is inspired by Sweden’s ancient forests and will be available from September 2020. The distillery used lingonberry and blueberry wine jakt, from the small-scale Grythyttan winery for the latest edition, resulting in an expressive whisky with a smooth, creamy texture with notes of dried fruit, berries, spiciness, raisin and vanilla.

Mackmyra launches two new limited editions every year, which are adapted to the season’s flavours, and all of its whisky is created using raw materials without additives, using environmentally friendly distillation technology. 

Over the past 15 years, the seasonal launches have proven extremely popular in Sweden and have helped the distillery gain an international reputation, as a result of the final maturing of the whisky being carried out in casks saturated with flavours that reflect Nordic nature. 

“Jaktlycka is a warm and soft whisky filled with treasures from the forests. The notes of berries, together with the wonderful spicy contribution from Swedish oak, generate a fantastic flavour that embodies the Swedish forest and autumn,” says Angela D’Orazio, Master Blender Mackmyra. “The result is a creamy and berrylike whisky with a softly embedded spiciness and notes of dried fruit, vanilla and raisins. It will make a classic companion to milk chocolate desserts.”

In addition to award-winning whiskys, Mackmyra also makes craft distilled gin, which has been available since 2017 via Mackmyra Bruk, its pilot distillery.