Cap Gin, a new spirit from the Côte d’Azur, is set to descend upon the British gin scene this summer.

The brand was born from a conversation between three friends living in the south of France, all of whom shared a vision to introduce a gin that would encapsulate their location.

Distilled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the spirit is produced following the traditional London Dry method; however, its individuality lies in its tasting notes taken from the region.

David Clutton, an expert in spirit distillation, was enlisted to help create and refine the recipe.

“Cap Gin is built on a solid foundation of premium quality juniper berries and it encapsulates the true essence of the French Riviera’s hills and coastal fringes,” comments Clutton.

“With citrus elements derived from lemon and sweet orange peels, the combination of aromatic fleur d’oranger buds and mimosa flowers delivers a complex, elegant, and perfectly balanced gin.”

Working harmoniously in most classic cocktails, the spirit elevates drinks such as the Martini, Martinez, Gimlet, Negroni, French 75, whilst, of course, combining with tonic to create a refreshing G&T.