RATIONAL’s iCombi Pro and iVario systems set the standard with new level of cooking intelligence

RATIONAL, one of the leading providers in hot food preparation equipment has unveiled two new cooking appliances – the iVario multifunctional cooking system and iCombi Pro combi steamer. 

Offering a complete solution for the modern kitchen by covering 95% of all conventional cooking processes and delivering increased productivity, all in a compact footprint, together the two systems represent the company’s most intelligent designs to date.

The iVario multifunctional cooking system looks like a tilting pan, but can do a great deal more. Its applications are vast, from boiling and frying, to low-temperature and pressure cooking, it replaces virtually all conventional cooking appliances to help serve up a range of dishes including soups, sauces, pasta and rice. 

Thanks to its in-built cooking intelligence, the iCookingSuite technology, which thinks, learns and supports chefs by monitoring cooking processes and automatically draining foods to the correct specifications, as well as eliminating the need to check temperatures, the operation is seamless and offers maximum function, flexibility and productivity.

The system also features iVarioBoost, a patented heating technology made from ceramic heating elements, which uniformly heats up the entire pan base to 200 °C in less than two and a half minutes, where required reduces the temperature very quickly.

The iVario Pro also uses iZoneControl, which allows chefs to operate both individual or multiple cooking zones in one pan, each at its own temperature, ensuring that different foods can be cooked simultaneously. 

Complementing the iVario Pro, the iCombi Pro combi-steamer is mainly responsible for roasting, baking, grilling and steaming and is ideal for large banquets and event functions due to its mixed loading and finishing capabilities.

One of the highlights of the iCombi Pro’s range of functions is the iProductionManager which makes mixed loading simple. By placing a ticket on the display the system will show the chef what other dishes can be made at the same time, which increases productivity and brings flexibility to production schedules whilst reducing running costs. 

Monitoring each rack individually, so that cooking times are appropriately adjusted to the quantity and desired result, the iProductionManager gives operators the opportunity to decide whether they want food to start or finish cooking at the same time. 

In addition to the new product lines, RATIONAL has also launched an interactive online events programme that allows foodservice operators to experience the company’s most advanced product ranges.

Hosted by RATIONAL experts, who are on hand to provide specialist information and suggest solutions for particular requirements and menus, the event series is produced in the UK by RATIONAL chefs and features content specific to that market such as demonstrations that show how the brand’s interactive, innovative technologies work to deliver high-quality and consistent cooking results. 

Each Rational Live event is free to attend and is accessible via PC, tablet or mobile. For more information and to book a place, visit the page here