New Irish whiskey brand, Sailor’s Home Irish Whiskey has launched its first range in the UK.

Founded in Limerick, the brand’s inaugural range consists of three unique expressions: The Haven, The Journey and The Horizon.

Inspired by the Wild Atlantic Way on the Western Coast of Ireland and the original Salior’s Home, a shelter built for the international community of seafarers travelling through the port of Limerick, the brand’s approach is guided by tradition and paths well-travelled, as well as forging a new and innovative approach to the whiskey making process. 

Crafted by master distiller Dr Jack Ó’Sé, Sailor’s Home’s distinct flavors have been shaped by an adventurous approach to blending, ageing and finishing, whilst pushing the boundaries of what is expected of a premium Irish whiskey.

The brand’s Haven expression has been created using both malted and un-malted Irish barley and oats, and has been triple pot distilled to ensure a rich, creamy and smooth distillate. 

The new make spirit, which is matured in American bourbon barrels and Spanish Oloroso sherry casks showcases notes of roasted almonds and vanilla. 

Meanwhile, The Journey expression is the result of a remarkable journey from initial ageing in virgin American oak, followed by recasking into American bourbon barrels, before being blended with malt Irish whiskey that has been matured in American bourbon and finished with Jamaican rum casks.

The resulting liquid has tropical and fruit notes with sticky toffee pudding and a malty depth before a long and almost sweet finish.

Finally, The Horizon 10-year-old Irish whiskey is crafted from Irish malt and grain whiskeys that have been matured for at least a decade in American bourbon barrels.

Filled into carefully selected Barbados rum casks for a finishing period of six months, the lush, refined flavour twists, typical of the Caribbean rums gives it notes of caramelised banana and rich brown sugar. 

Dr. Jack Ó’Sé, Sailor’s Home’s Master Whiskey Distiller commented: “We’ve created a range of three truly distinctive whiskeys made in Ireland but shaped by the world.”

“It’s been amazing to work with these liquids, being adventurous with flavours is what Sailor’s Home is all about. We look to explore and go beyond, so that a new generation of Irish whiskey drinkers can join us along this journey of discovery.”