Spotlight: Liner by David Mellor

Established by David Mellor CBE, the eponymous tableware and kitchenware manufacturer operates on the simple principle that well-designed equipment can improve one’s life.

David Mellor has always specialised in metalwork and is renowned for its cutlery, attention to detail and purity of design. The company’s policy is to build on its inheritance of traditional metalworking skills and Sheffield craftsmanship, whilst making the most of evolving new technologies.

David Mellor is a company in which the visual qualities are paramount. In an increasingly throw-away culture, the company remains committed to championing good design.

Since taking over the reins as Creative Director of David Mellor in 2006, Corin Mellor has built on his father’s legacy of design excellence. A breakthrough for the cutlery manufacturer, Corin’s latest design – Liner – brings to mind the elegance of Art Deco and the glory days of transatlantic travel.

The Liner range is flamboyant and flowing with decorative fluting that subtly fades into its handle. This new design has an undeniable sense of grandeur and feels pleasingly substantial in the hand. The knives feature blades made from high carbon steel for a superior cutting edge and hollow handles for perfect balance.

A modern interpretation of the timeless glamour of early 20th century design, Liner is manufactured to the company’s standards of perfection. The large range is exceptionally comprehensive and has been designed with the high-end hospitality industry in mind.