Established in 2014 as an ambitious start-up, Thrill International’s chilled approach to glassware hygiene has proven to be beneficial in more ways than one. The Italian brand specialises in developing machines for the cooling and sanitisation of glassware designed specifically for hospitality professionals.

Today, Thrill International’s product range spans five different Vortex glass chillers, which use the thermal change generated by CO2 (E-290 Food-grade) to instantly chill and sanitise glasses, killing surface bacteria and reducing the need for ice consumption. Within just a few seconds of use, 88% of the bacteria on the surface of the glass is eradicated, according to the brand – as well as resulting bad odours and unpleasant aftertastes.

Vortex products have the added advantage of allowing hospitality staff to lower the temperature of the  glass to -40°/-4°F in just a few seconds, removing the need to dilute drinks with ice.

Thrill International designs and manufactures its glass chillers – the Vortex  TAP, Vortex F1 Pro, Vortex Cube, Vortex SBI and Vortex Wood – in Italy, and distributes them worldwide. Made from 100% stainless  steel and equipped with all-weather electronics able to withstand humidity, salt, snow, ice,  heat, cold and sudden changes in temperature, the products also feature a 12V rechargeable battery that allows them to function even when disconnected from electricity.