Steelite International introduces Aurora collection

Leading tableware manufacturer, Steelite International, has unveiled a new reactive glazed tableware range.

The Aurora collection draws inspiration from the Aurora Borealis due its firing process, which includes the mixing of two reactive glazes that melt and fuse to create enchanting patterns reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

The product line uses glazes from its existing Revolution and Vesuvius ranges to create all-over glazed pieces.

Aurora Revolution, in patterns including Granite, Bluestone and Jade, highlights contrasting colours, while Aurora Vesuvius is all about tone-on-tone and features Lapis, Burnt Emerald, Amber and Rose Quartz patterns. 

Comprising bowls, plates, teapots, mugs, cups and saucers, the tableware is made to order and decorated by hand.

This customisation accentuates the individuality and craftsmanship required in its creation and gives each piece added personality.

Andrew Klimecki, Vice President of Design at Steelite International, commented: “To create the Aurora range, we have used the latest technology in glaze chemistry allied to traditional and skilled hand decorating techniques to create truly unique pieces. The result reflects the individuality and craftsmanship of the person that decorated it.”

“The colours have been carefully chosen to enhance culinary artistry and amplify the effect of chef’s creations. We are excited to see the visual feasts enabled by this combination of food and tableware.”

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor dining environments, where the menu is pivotal to the overall experience, the Aurora range seamlessly creates contrasting and sophisticated tonal looks that add an element of creativity to modern cuisine.