The Goddard Gallery launches coffee label

The Goddard Gallery has expanded its offering with the launch of the Goddard Coffees Label to complement its range of coffee table books, magazines, and photographic wall art images.

The Goddard Coffees label comprises over 20 varieties of coffee and has been created with hotels, coffee shops and restaurants in mind to help managers to curate the best coffee experience for guests.

Goddard Coffees has a special signature label created for the UK market with its own Speciality Peru Label made from beans expertly roasted in Scotland. The Peru label is a medium roast coffee bursting with notes of passion fruit and vanilla and floral tones.

The Speciality Peru Label can also be purchased in various grinds, including whole bean, ground for Aeropress, and ground for cafetière. From Machu Picchu, Peru, the 100% speciality grade Arabica coffee produces an abundance of flavour and has an SCA cup score of 87.

The Goddard Coffees Peru Speciality Label for the UK market is complemented by a diverse range of fine coffees from Goddard Coffees US label, which features coffees from countries around the world providing a wide variety to choose from.

Steve Goddard comments: “The Goddard Coffees US label has coffee beans from key coffee producing countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Columbia, Bali and Brazil which have all been perfectly roasted in California ready for onward shipping to hotels, restaurants, and coffee lovers worldwide.” |