German manufacturer WMF has unveiled the latest addition to its product portfolio – the WMF 1300 S automatic coffee machine.

Its slim dimensions, choice of equipment and optional constant water supply enable the machine to deliver long operation times and a fast return on investment.

With a recommended daily capacity of up to 120 cups on average, and up to three optionally lockable hoppers, the new machine is available in models that operate without powder – each of the two bean hoppers hold 650g – whereas the models with a powder hopper offer capabilities of 650g (right-hand hopper) and 550g (centre hopper).

Restaurateurs and hoteliers whose priority is flexibility will benefit from a four-litre water tank and the standard model’s reduced weight. The lockable hoppers also ensure the machine’s function in self-service operations without issues.

Customers have the option of tailoring products to the type of operation – self-service or staff-operated – by using configurable templates designed for the fully automatic machine. The seven-inch touch display allows users to swipe vertically through functions, which include settings for recipes, images and colour concepts, plus cleaning and care programmes.

The new machine features a height-adjustable spout and a Cup Stop to ensure cups, mugs and glasses are positioned correctly. The integrated milk system caters to any beverage requirements: the Basic Milk system delivers hot milk and hot milk foam, while the Basic Steam wand produces hot milk and milk foam manually. The integrated SteamJet feature brings cups and glasses up to the correct temperature.

The WMF 1300 S also delivers on process efficiency – the access points for servicing components have been optimised, while the machine concept makes it possible to remove the side walls, rear cover and lid independently from one another to grant access to specific parts of the machine, making it easier and quicker to work on the machine, even in tight spaces behind bar counters, in kitchenettes within offices or elsewhere.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, the machine features a fill level sensor that prevents the drip tray from overflowing. Beverage dispensing is also blocked if the bowl is missing or incorrectly positioned in the machine, ensuring process reliability and stability. A similar concept has been applied to the mixer wheel in the powder hopper: if it is not correctly attached, the sensors will issue a message that is then shown on the display.