Yin Yang Cocktails at Rosewood Hong Kong

DarkSide at Rosewood Hong Kong unveils Yin Yang-inspired cocktail menu

DarkSide at Rosewood Hong Kong has unveiled its latest cocktail menu, which draws inspiration from the ancient philosophy of Yin Yang. 

The new drinks offering pays tribute to the ancient Chinese concept, which celebrates the two opposing yet complementary energies found in all things. 

The Yin Yang cocktail programme at Rosewood Hong Kong features eight meticulously crafted drinks, with four Yin beverages and their corresponding Yang counterparts available to choose from. Each pair is named after opposing forces, including Sun and Moon, Heaven and Earth, River and Mountain, and Brightside and Darkside.  

Yin Yang Cocktails at Rosewood Hong Kong

The ingredients of each cocktail reflect their Yin or Yang characteristics, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Moon is crafted in the style of a milk punch, combining rich Matusalem 15-year-old ruym with Bitter Fusetti, pomelo, yuzu, Marsala Secco, salted kumquat, Osmanthus and milk, and served in a rock glass with an ice ball reminiscent of the glowing moon itself. River, another Yin cocktail, is inspired by the qualities of its namesake, combining the smoothness of Grey Goose Vodka with the delicate flavours of Lotus Sake. The addition of aloe vera and cucumber meanwhile offers a refreshing and calming touch, reminiscent of pure spring water. 

Yin Yang Cocktails at Rosewood Hong Kong

As for the new Yang cocktails, Sun is a vibrant creation inspired by the radiance of the sun, combining the richness of Michter’s Bourbon Whiskey with the sweetness of Amaretto Adriatico. Embracing a tropical theme, Sun incorporates the creaminess of coconut and the exotic allure of curry-spiced pumpkin, which imparts a subtle spicy note, and a nutty touch of amaretto. Another concoction, Mountain, takes inspiration from the energy associated both with mountains and with the Yang elements. The botanicals used, such as cypress, apple and juniper, are known to thrive in high altitudes, while the beverage is served in a ceramic vessel and designed to resemble the appearance of snow-capped mountains. 

The cocktails are served up in custom-made glassware made using 3D printing techniques, as well as handcrafted porcelain. Glassware is a creation of Hong Kong-based Soekjing Studio, while ceramics were fashioned by Tung Yao Production. Other interactive vessels and coasters meanwhile were brought to life by 3D Vault.