Hilton is reimagining the beverage experience across its global Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts Peacock Alley locations, with help from Proof & Company’s award-winning bar and beverage consultancy arm Proof Creative.

The hotel behemoth’s global food and beverage and Waldorf Astoria brand teams will work with the consultancy to “create a timeless and memorable beverage ritual and elevated bar concept that celebrates the iconic brand and its landmark hotels and resorts,” according to Hilton. The new partnership also marks Proof & Company’s expansion into the US market.

“At Hilton, we are focused on elevating food and beverage experiences for guests and pride ourselves on identifying partners that are both cutting-edge and industry-leading to bring the most innovative ideas to our collection of iconic bars around the world,” says Adam Crocini, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Food & Beverage Brands, Hilton. “We’re excited to match the creativity and esteem of Proof & Company with the precision and passion of our beverage experts to create a new ritual and revitalised bar concept that’s both memorable and distinctly Waldorf Astoria.”

“Proof & Company is passionate about being an influencer of the ‘Second Golden Age of Fine Drinking’ through its thoughtful bar consulting throughout Asia Pacific,” adds Jason Williams, Creative Director of Proof & Company. “As enthusiastic students of cocktail history, we have long admired and studied The Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book. We relish the opportunity to celebrate Waldorf tradition whilst evolving the brand’s experience with contemporary and engaging cocktail moments.”

At the heart of every Waldorf Astoria is a tribute to the original Peacock Alley — the grand corridor connecting the original New York Waldorf Hotel to its sister, The Astoria. Today, each Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Resort offers a sophisticated modern reflection of that first 300-foot marble Peacock Alley, which – whether serving as a bar, lounge, café, terrace, or some creative combination of spaces – creates a connection to its grand heritage and storied past.

This evolution of the brand experience, which is slated to be complete by early 2024, will reimagine the Peacock Alley guest experience and offerings, including a new, branded beverage ritual that presents a theatrical moment-in-time where guests engage with Peacock Alley and its storied past. It will also include a review of Peacock Alley cocktail menus, glassware and ambiance.

Proof & Company is one of Asia Pacific’s leading independent spirits companies, merging a disruptive approach to independent spirits distribution with a team of highly regarded bartenders and educators, a customer-focused mindset, and the region’s leading hospitality clients. It manages the exclusive distribution of a portfolio of independent spirits, craft cocktails ingredients, and premium bar tools and glassware.