Jean-François Piège to take the reins at Selman Marrakech

The Selman Marrakech has appointed two-Michelin-starred chef Jean-François Piège to oversee its F&B offering from Spring 2024.  Piège will seek to introduce a refined dimension to the culinary delights emerging from the palace’s kitchens, infusing each dish with creativity and elevating every meal into a distinct sensory experience.

Renowned for his tenure at Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée and later at Les Ambassadeurs, the restaurant at Hôtel de Crillon, where he earned two Michelin stars, Piège expresses his excitement about the collaboration with Selman Marrakech.

“It is with undisguised joy and an immense honour that, from the spring of 2024, I will be joining the Selman Marrakech hotel to offer a new dining experience,” he comments. “Together, we will redefine the spaces dedicated to the table, with the shared aim of satisfying guests from all over the world.”

He adds: “The Hotel Selman Marrakech is one of those places that I feel has an extra soul. Run by a family for as long as I can remember, every moment spent in this sublime palace is a real pleasure. It’s like being at home, and I can’t wait to return. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teams on site who contribute on a daily basis to keeping the dream alive.”