La Muña to make UK debut at L’Oscar London

Launching in Spring 2024, La Muña will bring a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine to the historic European church setting of L’Oscar London.

At the helm will be Executive Chef Arturas Kondratjevas, formerly Head Chef of Home House. Kondratjevas’s menu draws inspiration from the culinary traditions of Peru and Japan. Each dish is crafted as a masterpiece, showcasing textures, flavours, and sensations. Diners can expect a choice of Crudo, Caliente and Ceviche dishes bursting with vibrant spices and fresh herbs. Favourites include Beef Steak Teriyaki and Truffle Sauce; Red Tuna Ceviche with Sesame; Sea Bass embellished with Black Truffle; and Black Cod marinated in Saikyo Miso – each revealing a depth of flavours.

“Following the success of La Muña at our other Michel Reybier Hospitality hotels, we are delighted to bring the restaurant to London and introduce it to both locals and hotel guests,” comments Executive Chef Arturas Kondratjevas. “Whilst the menu showcases vibrant Japanese and loud Peruvian flavours, provenance and local ingredients remain at La Muña’s core.”

La Muña will be situated at the heart of L’oscar London, in the elegant domed octagonal Chapel, which was constructed between 1901 and 1903, and once served as the headquarters of The Baptist Church. Crafted by hand, its distinctive shape distinguishes it from the square or rectangular buildings commonly found in the UK.

Upon ascending towards La Muña, guests will discover the captivating depiction of the ten trees of life encircling the dome, as described in the Bible. These original details have been safeguarded for over a century. The upper floor of La Muña is adorned with lush green foliage that gracefully winds its way through the space, evoking the sensation of strolling through a serene summer or winter garden oasis with hanging lanterns and fairy lights.

The design fuses tradition and innovation. The restaurant’s signature wallpaper has been meticulously designed by Iksel Decorative Arts, showcasing the Xanadu landscape and panoramas which draw inspiration from traditional Chinese wallpaper. This masterpiece has been enhanced with patinas and textures, resulting in a complexity surpassing that of the original design in Queen Victoria’s bedroom at Brighton Pavilion. The ambience exudes an unmistakably European and early 18th-century charm.

The name “La Muna” holds a dual significance, a nod to both the chef’s culinary inspirations and a tribute to a breathtaking view – here, the historic and striking Baptist Church. Just as the magical Peruvian plant, muna, has been used to alleviate the discomfort of high altitude.

La Muña has existing outposts in hotels under the Michel Reybier Hospitality brand including La Réserve Zurich, Crans Ambassador, and AlpenGold Hotel.