Bisushima, a newly opened Japanese restaurant has launched a delivery service in response to England’s second lockdown, which prevents the opening of all but essential shops and services.

Located within the newly refurbished Page8 Hotel, Covent Garden, the rooftop restaurant and bar, which overlooks Trafalgar Square, opened two day before the second lockdown came into effect, leading operators to pivot towards a delivery service featuring highlights from the new menu.

Using only premium quality fish and seafood, dishes will include wild seabass sashimi with shisho and tosazu shiso dressing; mackerel tatsuta with salsa and shiso dressing; toro futomaki; prawn and vegetable tempura donburi; whole dashimaki tamago with fresh white truffle; and desserts such as matcha and white chocolate terrine. 

Bisushima is the creation of Chef and Restaurateur, Sergey Men, who, having worked as a sushi chef in kitchens across the world, has developed a signature style turning high quality produce into well-balanced and flavoursome, modern Japanese food. 

The modern Japanese restaurant places an emphasis on harmony between the guests, environment and the food. Harmony and balance are often described as fundamental principles that reveal the essence of Japanese philosophy within art, design and daily life, something that Sergey Men is passionate about portraying once the restaurant reopens this winter.