Northumberland’s Michelin-starred Hjem to collaborate with The Water House Project

In February, chef Alex Nietosvuori of Northumberland’s Michelin-starred restaurant with rooms Hjem and chef Gabriel Waterhouse of acclaimed London restaurant The Water House Project will come together for an exclusive two-night collaboration.

Described by Waterhouse as  a ‘one-of-a-kind, Northumbrian – Scandinavian, via East London hybrid’, the 10-course menu will centre around the quintessential elements of Nordic cuisine in a relaxed fine dining atmosphere, showcasing the shared elements of Northern British and Scandinavian culinary traditions.

Waterhouse’s Northumberland heritage plays a big role in The Water House Project’s philosophy, which is rooted in the rolling moors, grasslands and coastlines of the area that is also home to Hjem, where Alex Nietosvuori traces the land’s Nordic past. Bringing together Alex’s Scandinavian techniques and Gabriel’s acute understanding of flavour, the dinner will showcase a natural affinity between the two chefs and their common appreciation for Northern cuisine and ingredients. Revolving around signature ingredients from both chefs’ winter menus, dishes on the night will include Cornish bream, winter tomato and horseradish, and Northumbrian dry-aged deer, fermented root vegetables, bitter leaves and oxtail sauce.

The tasting menu will feature an option of either paired wines handpicked by Gabriel and Alex, or a selection of The Water House Project’s signature homemade soft pairings, made from seasonal ingredients and ferments. Upon request, guests can end the night with a choice of digestif from the restaurant’s collection.

Located in a former warehouse, The Water House Project evokes a Nordic spirit with stripped back furnishings and warm decorative accents of dried flowers which have been foraged in Northumberland and floating linen curtains. Long feasting tables reference Scandinavian dining culture and foster a convivial, dinner party-like atmosphere, inviting the guests to look onto the open kitchen.