Rockwell Group has revealed the interiors of Peak, a modern American restaurant situated one level above the Edge at 30 Hudson Yards – the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere. With sweeping views of New York City from the entire 101st floor, Peak comprises a dining room, a cocktail bar, a private dining room and an events space.

The New York-based studio has devised the restaurant to offer a warm, optimistic and inviting atmosphere that celebrates the tower’s structure and design. Visitors can reach the dining space through the Peak Lounge – the direct entrance on the tower’s fifth floor, which also doubles as a lounge bar. In keeping with the clean lines and minimalist design philosophy of the Edge, this lounge has a luxurious simplicity and provides an elevated bar experience through warm materials and soft lighting.

Inside the lounge, guests are greeted by a smoked oak-wrapped ceiling and walls counterbalanced by soft, mirrored polished champagne metal details. A stone slab floor with a sinuous, curving metal inlay directs the flow of traffic to the elevators, while the enclosed bar and lounge area is embellished by a circular stone and warm metal art piece commissioned by Rockwell Group from UK artists Based Upon.

Peak restaurant in New York City, USA

On emerging from the elevators on the 101st floor, visitors arrive at a shared interstitial space between the restaurant, events space, and the Edge that features warm tones with smoked oak walls, wainscoting in stone, warm metals, and an elegant finned wall.

The L-shaped Peak restaurant features four main areas: lounge seating adjacent to the bar, where diners can look out on the panoramic view; the bar; the main dining room; and a private dining room alongside two small stages to accommodate live music.

As guests enter they are welcomed by the lounge area with an inset area rug on the right and a U-shaped with a silver sky marble top, accompanied by warm hued metal fins and patinated infill panels again commissioned from Based Upon. The island back bar incorporates a multi-level liquor riser and polished warm metal sculpture also by Based Upon.

Peak restaurant in New York City, USA

The two-tiered main dining area features dark oak flooring, which blends with a soft mirror polished champagne metal ceiling housing a bespoke light installation by Lasvit to reflect light and the skyline. In the dining area, tabletops alternate bleached birds eye maple with silver sky marble, paired with chairs upholstered in either suede or grey fabric. Retractable drapery also helps soften the space and limits glare, while flexible seating along the window line allows guests to get close to the views that dominate the space.

Elsewhere, the private dining room is flanked on each side by a wine display, with an integrated decanting station, and the view walls are clad in embossed suede leather and a specialty brass finish, complemented by a stretched fabric ceiling and deep blue inset area rug.

Detached from the main restaurant, the event space serves multiple functions with dark tessellated marble floors throughout, which incorporate metal inlay that steers visitors to the striking views below. The vaulted ceiling unites the space and is covered in an acoustic fabric with metal trim, while the southern wall and columns along the façade are clad in smoked oak with metal beading, and a dedicated bar with a saw-tooth-patterned marble bar die serves drinks.

Peak restaurant in New York City, USA